Wits End Dog Training: helping you to help your dog be the best it can be

Wits End Dog Training, helping you to help your dog be the best it can be.

Wits End Dog Training | Principles

Twenty Golden Rules of Successful Dog Parenting

1. Do be realistic with your expectations.Don’t expect that three correct repetitions means the dog is being stubborn if he does not do it correctly on the fourth.
2. Do expect that your dog will do as it is told – all with your good grace.Don’t give the dog a vote – benevolent dictatorship rules.
3. Do give clear and concise commands.Don’t plead or use sentences that start “If you do that again, I’ll…”
4. Do be consistent.Don’t deviate occasionally from house rules.
5. Do give one command at a time and reinforce performance.Don’t give a command if you can not or will not enforce it.
6. Do play the role of leader so that you initiate activity.Don’t respond to your dog’s demands.
7. Do always use the dog’s name when giving a command, only use the dog’s name when giving a command.Don’t use the dog’s name without following through.
8. Do “own” all toys and take away toys at end of play time.Don’t let your dog think it “owns” the toys.
9. Do take away anything your dog steals, like food, socks or towels.Don’t fall for the “but it is so cute”.
10. Do always call your dog to you to give affection.Don’t go to your dog to give affection.
11. Do ignore demands to be picked up, petted or cuddled.Don’t let your dog use submissive behavior to get what it wants.
12. Do feed your family before you feed your dogDon’t give food from your table, ever, or let the dog clean the plate.
13. Do decide your bed and furniture rules and stick to those rules.Don’t expect your dog to understand access to some of the furniture, sometimes.
14. Do go through doors, gates or passageways and down the stairs first.Don’t let your dog lead you.
15. Do teach the dog to wait while you open doors, including car doors.Don’t let your dog barge through the door as soon as it is opened.
16. Do teach the dog to gently take objects from your hands.Don’t allow the dog to snatch food or objects.
17. Do teach your dog to relieve itself on command.Don’t allow the dog to sniff endlessly and anoint every blade of grass.
18. Do train your dog to walk nicely by your side.Don’t permit the dog to drag you where it wants to go.
19. Do insist, no jumping up on people except on command.Don’t say well it is ok on my jeans but not on my work clothes.
20. Do remember a dog thinks like a dog.Don’t allow your emotional needs to put pressure on your dog.

Download a pdf version of the Twenty Golden Rules of Successful Do Parenting to keep as a handy reminder.

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