Wits End Dog Training: helping you to help your dog be the best it can be

Wits End Dog Training, helping you to help your dog be the best it can be.

Wits End Dog Training | Specifics

training - Specifics

  • » 1. Meet and Greet

    My dog will, with good manners, allow a friendly person to approach and speak to me

  • » 2. Sitting to be petted

    My dog will sit and stay and allow a friendly person to pet it on the head and body

  • » 3. Grooming and being examined by the vet

    My dog will allow being groomed and examined by anyone.

  • » 4. Leash walking

    When we are out for a stroll my dog exhibits self control, my dog walks on a loose leash, pays attention to me and responds to my body movements and changes of direction, not dependent on a tight leash for communication. My dog will sit when I stop.

  • » 5. Leash walking through a crowd

    My dog is self-controlled in public places.
    My dog will move about politely in pedestrian traffic, including children, toddlers and strollers.
    My dog occasionally may show some interest in strangers but will continue to walk with me without lunging, balking or anxiety.

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